Claudio Marchisio

Claudio Marchisio, born in Turin on the 19th of January 1986, is one of the strongest football players in the world. The midfield player, currently a member of Juventus F.C. and the Italian national football team, has won the hearts of many football fans with his technique, determination and dedication.

An early bloomer, Claudio Marchisio joined Juventus F.C.’s youth team at the age of seven, growing professionally to become a star player and captain of the Primavera team. He debuted among the professionals in 2006 and since then, has been achieving several milestones year after year (4 qualifications in Serie A, 1 Coppa Italia & 3 Supercoppa Italiana). He first received the call-up to be a part of the Italian National Team in 2009, where he made his debut under the guidance of Coach Marcello Lippi.

In 2008, Claudio Marchisio married Roberta Sinopoli, an ex-tennis player passionate about sports and with whom he has two beautiful children – Davide (born in 2009) and Leonardo (born in 2012). For Claudio, his family is his anchor of support, the source of his energy, giving him the strength to face even the most challenging and stressful days – days that can consist of workouts, transfers, national and international commitments.

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