If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of this Notice, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Q: How do I make a purchase?

A: Select your products > Add the required number of products to your shopping cart > Upon automatic redirection / clicking the shopping cart icon on the top right corner, view your product list > Confirm your purchase and click "Checkout" > Select and confirm your "pickup option", then click "Proceed to checkout" > Enter your "contact information", "shipping address" and "Gift card/promo code" (if any) > Select payment method and fill in required information. Check the order details and subtotal. If the personal information is correctly entered, click "Pay now" to complete the transaction.


Q: How long is the shell life of products sold?

A: All products are up for a shell life of 10 months or more. Please rest assured while purchasing.

Q: Has the online store covered all products sold in Hong Kong region?

A: Our online store contains a more comprehensive range of products than physical stores, including online exclusive products. We are consistently adding new categories of products. Please refer to the actual products displayed in our store.


Q: Is the packaging the same as that used in Swisse’s authorized stores?

A: The packaging is identical to that of the products sold in physical stores. Each product contains a QR code on the packaging, which can be scanned for authenticity check.


Q: How can I check the delivery status?

A: You will receive an email with delivery details after the products are dispatched. You can also log in to your E-Shop account to check your tracking number and delivery information. You will receive an SMS containing the tracking number, given the contact number you entered is correct. For detailed delivery information, please access the logistics provider’s company website and provide your tracking number, or call your logistics provider.