Swisse E-shop is operating by Health and Happiness (H&H) Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Swisse”, “we”, “us”, “our”). We guarantee to respect and protect your personal data (Privacy) Policy. This “Privacy Policy” (“terms”) allows you to learn more about how Swisse may collect, use and protect your personal data while you are using various services provided by Swisse. You are advised to read these terms carefully. These terms may be updated from time to time. Please review regularly. We will protect privacy of your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and these terms, and will promote the reasonable use of your personal data subject to compliance with applicable laws.

  1. Collection of your personal data by Swisse
  2. Sharing of your personal data by Swisse & third parties
  3. Cookies and the use of Cookies by Swisse
  4. Use of your personal data by Swisse
  5. Measures taken by Swisse to secure users’ personal data
  6. Rights to access and modify your personal data

1. Collection of your personal data by Swisse

Swisse may collect personal data from our website in various ways, which are stated below. If you do not agree with these terms of use, you should immediately cease using any services provided by Swisse. Provision of your personal data is voluntary unless certain personal information is marked as “required” under certain circumstances. If you are unable to provide the required personal information, we may not be able to process your request, provide you with better product or service recommendations, or you may not be able to participate in certain online events.

‧ Member registration

When you sign up as a member or process a payment on Swisse E-shop, you will become a Swisse member, and you agree to Swisse Club’s Personal data (Privacy) Policy / Disclaimer. Swisse Club will require you to provide your personal data, including your name, email address, address, phone number and information of your child (gender and birth month & date) and other information. Such information is necessary in order for us to provide you with relevant services. Your information may be used for direct marketing purposes with your consent. Please refer to section 4 below for details.

‧ Internet activities & online researches

When you participate in Swisse’s online events or online researches (including lucky draws, polls, contests or sale events), Swisse will require you to provide your name, phone number, email address, address and other information in order to facilitate the running of the event, and for prize notification purposes. Your information may be used for direct marketing purposes with your consent. Please refer to section 4 below for details.

‧ General browsing

To evaluate the traffic of each website, paths taken by users to access Swisse and other information, Swisse will keep records generated by your server when you browse or search on the internet, including the IP address of the device, the time of use, browsing and clicking data and such. Swisse will mark the browsers of certain users, and summarize and organize Swisse’s webpages browsed by users. This function is of crucial importance for the security of your personal data. Unless you agree to disclose your personal data, Swisse will not and will not be able to correspond such records with you.

‧ Linking ads

Please note that Swisse’s linking websites may collect your personal data. When you provide your personal data through the above methods, these strategic partners or linking websites do not apply to these terms, and we shall not bear any responsibility.

‧ Others

If you contact Swisse via mail, or via “Contact us” to reflect your opinions to Customer Service Center, Swisse will keep records of such communications. Swisse will also invite users to complete surveys from time to time for internal research.

2. Sharing of your personal data by Swisse & third parties

We will share your personal data with third-party service providers, including service providers who assist Swisse in processing your orders, manage lists of sale events, online events and online surveys, and conduct market researches, for the above purposes. Nevertheless, we will not share your personal data with third-party service providers for their direct marketing purposes. In the extent permitted by applicable laws, we will obtain your consent before sharing your personal data with third parties.

When you are required to provide personal data on Swisse’s website, such data will only be viewed and used by Swisse, unless otherwise disclaimed. For instance, to offer you promotions or events that are co-hosted by Swisse and its partnering advertisers, Swisse will share your personal data with the advertisers. If your personal data is collected and protected by companies other than Swisse and Swisse’s third-party service providers, you will be notified before data collection or transfer. If you do not wish to allow sharing of such data, you can opt not to use such service to prohibit the transmission of data.

3. Cookies and the use of Cookies by Swisse

To provide you with personalized services, Swisse uses Cookies to save and at times track your information. Cookies are small pieces of information sent to your browser by the server and stored in your computer hard disk. You can modify your acceptance level of Cookies in the settings of your browser. If you reject all Cookies, you may not be able to use some of the personalized services or participate in some of the events. Swisse writes and reads Cookies in your browser according to the following purposes and circumstances.

In general, Cookies are used for:

  • reminding Swisse in verifying your identity and accessing your information for the purpose of providing better and personalized services
  • estimating number of visitors:
    • each browser that reads Swisse is assigned a unique Cookie that determines the level of repeated use, compares the number of times browsed by registered and non-registered users, and assist in identifying the target of ads based on users’ interests and behaviors. The number of visitors and their browsing patterns are calculated and analyzed in order to better understand the situation of web browsing, which shall be a reference for Swisse to improve its services.
  • tracking the progress and number of times you participate in sale promotions and lucky draws:
    • when Swisse utilizes Cookies while hosting sale promotions, Cookies written indicates the progress of the participants during the entire process, in addition to tracks participation and status of lucky draws.
  • measure your browsing patterns, i.e. pages you visit, and the number of visits accumulated:
  • We can find out whether the users have similar or different habits and thus improve your browsing experience with Swisse using this data. Swisse will use such data to create more personalized content, advertisements and promotions for all users.
  • Goal-oriented ads﹕
    • Swisse will share personal data after statistical analysis collected by Cookies with advertisers in order to match their advertising goals and deliver relevant goal-oriented ads for the advertisers. However, Swisse will not provide personal data collected by Cookies with third parties/person.4. Use of your personal data by Swisse

4. Use of your personal data by Swisse

In general, Swisse may use your personal data for any of the following operational purposes:

  1. to develop, promote, sell or provide our products, services or information by other means;
  2. to process your orders, and to provide our products, services and/or vouchers to you;
  3. to provide you with our communications or information regarding our products, partnerships, events or other promotions and marketing with your consent;
  4. to keep, update and maintain your Swisse account;
  5. to maintain, manage and improve our system;
  6. to improve and modify our website based on your usage, browsing history and preference, and to diagnose problems;
  7. to carry out internal management activities, research, analysis, planning and development.

Products, services & promotions

We will use your name and contact information to contact you regarding our products, services, promotions or special events. Before such action, we shall obtain your consent.

As Swisse is a member of the H&H Group, we will also send you promotional information from affiliates of the H&H Group with your explicit consent.

You can request us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes without any charge. By the time we use your information for direct marketing purposes, Swisse will indicate on such materials or email that it is sent by Swisse. Methods to opt out from such materials or emails with explanations or links will also be provided. If you do not wish to receive such materials or mails, you can modify your member profile to indicate your preference.

Credit card transactions

Credit card transactions of Swisse are processed via authorized banking institutions. When Swisse collects your credit card data for online transactions, the transaction will be processed via through a secure server. Such data transferred is encrypted in order to prevent access of such data by other persons. Personal data stored on the server is securely protected and is only accessible to authorized employees and agents who need such data to perform their duties. Your credit card data is encrypted and will be deleted once your order is shipped.

Disclosure of personal data overseas

In the course of operating its business, Swisse may disclose personal data to related parties located overseas and service providers, including members of the H&H Group. These entities are located in the following countries or regions:

Australia, New Zealand;

Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan or other Asian countries or regions;

The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and other European Union countries;

The United States, Canada, Brazil and other Central & South American countries.

5. Measures taken by Swisse to secure users’ personal data

You should keep your member account and any personal data secure. You should not share such data with any third parties/persons.

If you are using a shared computer or public computer, remember to close all browsers in order to prevent others from reading your personal data.

Inevitable risks

Upon receiving your personal data, Swisse will strive to ensure security of such stored data. As the transmission of data over the internet cannot be fully guaranteed, Swisse cannot guarantee the security of the data you provide to or receive from Swisse. Although Swisse will protect your personal data at the greatest extent, you are also responsible for bearing the aforementioned risks.

6. Rights to access, modify or erase your personal data

You have the rights, at any time, to request access to, make a copy of, make correction of, or to erase your personal data held by us. To exercise the aforesaid rights, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at:

Health and Happiness (H&H) Hong Kong Limited
Suites 4007-09, 40th Floor, One Island East, Taikoo Place, 18 Westlands Road,
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Attn.: Data Protection Officer

All such requests will be handled by our Data Privacy Officer promptly in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

7. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese version of these “PERSONAL DATA (PRIVACY) TERMS”, the English version shall prevail

Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) of Swisse Club

If you have yet to register to become a “Swisse member”, signing up on Swisse E-shop also include registration on the above program.

Health and Happiness (H&H) Hong Kong Limited shall protect all personal data that you provided to us. All policies and terms with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclosure, transfer, security and access of your personal data complies with the laws of Hong Kong. The personal data you provide such as your name, phone number, address or email address is voluntary, and you agree the use and retention of such data by us, its parent company, subsidiaries or affiliate companies, whether domestic or foreign, for the following purposes: 1. Your registration to become a Swisse member; 2. Communications with you for announcements and providing you with relevant services; 3. Internal analysis, investigation or research; 4. Any promotions, merchandise or services; 5. Processing of benefits of relevant services. You have the right to review or modify your personal data held by us, in addition to cancel your membership or opt out from promotional messages. Any requests in relation to the above shall be submitted to us by email or post.

Last updated: 3rd May 2022