Help your kids ace their exams

Exams – just the word is enough to strike fear into the hearts of students as well as their mums and dads. So what can parents do to ensure their children perform at their best? Here are our best tips for helping your kids come out on top.

1. Give them plenty of love
Kids thrive on love and affection, and at exam time they need those more than ever. Make sure you let them know that you’re proud of their efforts and that no matter what the results might be, you will always love them. Give them plenty of hugs and kisses and make yourself available because they may need some reassurance.

2. Make sure they rest and sleep
As exams get closer, it’s easy for rest and sleep to be sacrificed in favour of all-night study sessions or ‘just one more page’. But sleep deprivation impairs concentration and learning and can even lead to depression or, adversely, hyperactive behaviour. It’s important for children to get their rest and relaxation and ideally sleep for nine to 10 hours each night.

3. Boost their concentration
In the lead up to and during exams, kids are pushing themselves extra hard. Having them take a children’s multivitamin that’s specially formulated with vitamin C and essential B vitamins – which are vital for cognitive function – can help support mental performance.

In addition, look out for a multivitamin containing iron, which helps transport oxygen-rich blood to the brain, and Vitamin D, which can support their immune systems when they need it most.

Fish oil supplements are also useful as they contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s) that are critical for a healthy brain, as they make up brain matter. There are also fish oils made especially for kids to support their brain and eye development

4. Understand and accept behavioural changes
Your kids are under a great deal of pressure right now and they may not be much fun to be around. So try to stay calm and give them a little leeway.

Omega-3 has been linked to healthy learning and behaviour, so why not take the pressure off your kids and look out for supplement with no fishy taste and natural flavours, so your kids enjoy getting their Omega-3 everyday.

5. Give them space
Make sure your kids have a comfortable and quiet space to work in. Right now, anything that helps them to concentrate is essential, so allocating an area where they can focus, scatter their books and get on with it without disturbance is important.

6. Insist they exercise
Exercise is often one of the things that get left behind at exam time, but it also helps your kids to focus and gives them the energy they need to keep going.

The problem is, they may not feel as though they have enough energy or stamina to go for a run. Again, this is where a multivitamin can help to stave off fatigue, enhance vitality and maximise the nutritional value and energy output of the food they eat, so they’ll have plenty of what they need to get moving.

Exam periods are a challenging time of year for the whole family. But with a little nutritional help and unconditional love and support, you’ll all get through it, happy and healthy.